Trails of Idaho

Anyone who loves the outdoors has probably dreamed of the Lewis and Clark experience, and at Birmingham's Magic City Today we're no different! When we boarded the plane in birmingham, we were armed with guidebooks and detailed plans of the trails to hike and lakes to fish...all we needed to do was to get through 6 hours of planes and airports then we would be in one of the few remaining true wilderness areas.

We arrived in Boise, picked up our rental car took an hour and hit a couple of stores to get the food and other supplies we had decided in advance to buy when we got there (and it was a great decision). The drive out of Boise to Stanley was amazing...majestic scenery, rivers and streams, hot springs and ranger stations. And the ranger station stop was where our dream trip changed. There were wild fires burning and of course, the were burning around our lakes and trails which were now closed to the public.

We drove on to the town of Stanley formulating a plan B, and after asking several people the question "Any thoughts on where we should go?" and always getting the same answer "Anywhere around here is GREAT!", we settled on the hike down the "Fourth of July Trail" to Washington Lake. We hiked to the lake and set up camp as the ONLY campers on the lake! In the 3 days we were in the forest (a real forest with bears, mountain lions and such), we saw a total of 3 people. Two happened to cross our path during a day hike and 1 was a counting Big Horn Sheep.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and video and if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 205.587.2665

When you think Idaho you probably think potatoes, but we think outdoors, open spaces and a great place to visit!

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