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Internet Broadcasting Corporation, Inc.

Our parent company! We are a complete turnkey web company that handles everything in house to give you a seamless product that just works. For web design, web video, database development, mailing list management, search engine optimization (SEO) or anything web related contact us today!

Southeastern Line Camp

Southeastern Line Camp is for high school level football offensive and defensive linemen, and works on skills that will enable any football lineman reach his full potential.

Total Pitching Program

This is the home of "The Total Pitching Program" by Coach Daron Schoenrock, Head Baseball Coach at the University of Memphis.

Alabama Gas Light And Grill

Smokin since 1964, Alabama Gas Light And Grill is Alabama's largest specialty grill store. At Alabama Gas Light and Grill you'll find outstanding customer service and great products!


The world's largest video based sports instruction site, MyCoachOnline features new video on a regularly scheduled basis. Designed to be easy to use MyCoachOnline is for coaches, athletes and parents participating in sports at any level.


Sometime during the school year almost everyone will need an excuse for an absence or a note to check out, and that excuse can sometimes be an aggravation, but it's ALWAYS important. MySchoolExcuse lets you send your excuses directly from your cell phone or any computer instantly and provides yo a safe, secure record that the excuse was delivered.

I Youth Football - $100 off!

Use the coupon code "mycoach" for $100 off!

I Youth Football is changing the youth football experience! You can make up to $80/hr teaching only 8 kids. I Youth Football helps you own complete training packages (and territory ownership). The curriculums are for coaches, parents, and organizations for them to teach football skills to kids who are ages 3 to 11. We guarantee our curriculums increase kids skills. We offer a refund to parents if they dont think their child increased their skills, not you. Each class, every player kicks, throws, and catches. Pricing for our program is based on your demographics (location/startup/etc.) to ensure you become profitable within the first year. Contact us at or


We've started MyOutdoorsOnline because we seem to always be telling people what we're doing outside and showing photos. If you hunt, fish or just need outdoor adventure, this link is worth a click.


Birmingham Alabama is what MagicCityToday is about, you'll find video, photos and articles about Birmingham

The Baseball Playbook

This is the site for the #1 best selling baseball instructional text of all time. With over 100,000 sold, The Baseball Playbook by Ron Polk has sold more than 4 times as many copies as the next closest text.

In The Beginning

Family friendly audio theater that stimulates the imagination in a way that no other form of entertainment can do.

World Wrestling Resource

If wrestling is your sport, you need to visit World Wrestling Resource. You'll find a dedicated staff of olympians, an awesome video library and a intuitive website with a video library that will help you as you perfect your wrestling skills.